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So precisely designed and made its your seal of confidence Oil Seal act as vital protectors safeguarding numerous vulnerable points against oil leaks. Perfect fusion of design excellence and precision engineering. Complete Protection. Prevents breakdown and expensive repairs, comes in a wide range.

Oil Seals Design Advantages:

Every possible effort is being made to develop better rubber material and new type of oil seals in our Research Centre.

Oil Seals - Features for excellent performance :

1.Sealing Lip: hair line contact design minimises wear and power loss.

2.Superior metal to synthetic rubber bonding: Eliminates possibility of leakage between sealing member and outer shell.

3.Fine, centreless ground outer shell Facilitates easy assemble and a controlled interface fit in the housing.

4.Precision loaded tension spring: Ensures minimum loading on shaft and maximum seal life.

5.Flexible Arm: Compensates from irregular sealing lip wear, minimises power loss.

Oil Seals have many characteristics as follows:

Leak Proof: Leakage of oil or grease and entry of water dust and other foreign matters are prevented due to machining and careful examination by our tester.

Good Water Resistance: Less friction and less wear by our better compound and excellent lip design.

No Deterioration: No deterioration of rubber properties, long durability are guaranteed by high resistence to oil and heat.

Good Heat Resistence: High resistence to both high and low temprature by special compound.

Suitable to High Speed: It depends upon high lip configuration by special compound and rationalized design.